Natural Stone

Natural Stone is not manufactured; it is a product of nature. Blocks are removed from the quarry, slabs are cut from these blocks. The slabs are further fabricated into the final stone to be installed. Each block is different as is each slab. Skillful blending or matching of the dimensional stone blocks, veneer panels, tops, etc., result in a beautiful blending of nature’s variety and man’s design. In contrast to the uniformity of materials produced by machine or assembly line, stone’s naturally varied appearance has wonderful character. “Uniformity of material”, when applied to natural stone, is a term of relative value that needs to be understood when making a selection.

Stone often has a very raw primal feel to it that can be enhanced with a rustic finish or beautifully contrasted with cutting edge modern and post-modern surroundings. Limestone and slate excel in this regard.
For a warmer, welcoming look consider grained or paler limestone, travertine or even a luminescent marble.
For elegant applications consider the ever indulgent beauty of marble, or the ancient time-worn look of travertine.

Give your countertops a complete makeover with the stunning look of granite. It typically features rich veining, specks, and other unique characteristics, and comes in a wide range of natural colors.
Many of our customers choose quartz for its consistency and uniformity that you don’t always get with natural stone. It is often used to mimics granite or marble and has a mix of mineral, color, and resin, offering beauty and toughness in a vast array of colors and patterns. It is also one of the hardest materials in the world, making it a perfect choice for busy kitchens.